Top 5 Reasons Why Flutter Is Best For App Development

Flutter is a development framework for mobile apps known by coders and developers worldwide. It features all the tools from cross-platform and native development models to build a robust app quickly. Huge businesses having large audiences use Flutter to build applications for themselves. 

There are many benefits of using Flutter while developing an app for a business. We’ll discuss the top 5 advantages that benefit developers when building apps.

1. Open Source

As the Flutter is an open-source toolkit by Google, it enables developers to post their queries easily and access documentation on the developer forum. Flutter provides developers with the opportunity to expand development skills from the ever-changing population of coders who respond actively on the platform.

2. Single Codebase

The codes generated under Flutter’s framework allows programmers to run it on multiple platforms. For example, the program is written once and will run on both iOS and Android devices; and seamlessly on web and desktop in the near future. Unlike other native frameworks, developers save much effort and time, so they only write code once, which decreases the overall cost of developing and launching an application.

3. Dart as a programming language

Dart is the object-oriented programming language to create apps using Flutter. The most prominent features Dart offers include garbage collection, standard library, generics, strong typing and async-awaits. Dart mainly works like java and also includes other languages’ features. Developers can complete everyday tasks of development quickly with its reactive programming style.

4. Hot Reload and Development 

With this unique feature, developers can see changes made to code quickly. The updates made by developers or designers appear instantly. It enables developers to continue work and build other features instead of waiting for rebuilds. No doubt, this increases developers’ productivity and decreases overall development time while creating a robust app.

5 Native App Like Performance 

Mobile apps created using Flutter have fast performance and run like native apps. It is because Flutter uses the most efficient object-oriented language Dart. As a result, it is simple, fast and easily compiled into a native language. This fact distinguishes Flutter’s performance from the other development platforms in the market.

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